Heading into the future of points of sale with digital technologies in car dealerships

rpc is developing virtual- and augmented-reality applications and exploring the potential applications of Pepper the humanoid robot for the automotive trade.



Virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and robotics offer huge added value in the area of digital customer experience and open up countless new possibilities for customer contact. rpc – the Retail Performance Company – currently supports the automotive trade in giving car dealerships a better understanding of VR, AR and robotics applications in order to offer customers digital experiences and train employees in new technologies.


rpc provides a full range of digital services with a variety of augmented- and virtual-reality solutions in addition to SoftBank Robotics' Pepper technology. "The use of VR and AR technologies and SoftBank Robotics is a promising way for retail to find a fresh approach to customers," says Christian Feilmeier, Managing Director at rpc – the Retail Performance Company. "Innovative technologies such as these help to remove obstacles and initial concerns from the perspectives of both customers and employees. They ensure innovative services and completely new product experiences," adds Feilmeier.


ahg Autohandelsgesellschaft in Pforzheim is the first car dealership in Germany to make active use of innovative new technologies such as VR, AR and robotics and, in doing so, offer customers a new customer experience. rpc has developed a complete innovation strategy, created the applications and supported ahg in its pioneering work in the retail industry. The new technologies were introduced at ahg in Pforzheim at the start of the year, where ahg gave the official go-ahead for a new era in retail. 


Infinite possible applications 


All AR, VR and robotics appliances are delivered without applications and rpc is developing applications tailored to customer requirements. Pepper will become a customer advisor and provide information on the latest highlights. From a long-term perspective, this represents a huge technical advance in the entire service industry. "We will transform the retail industry with this," says Peter Milotzki, an AR/VR/robotics expert at rpc. "Whether in car dealerships, designer stores or furniture stores, Pepper can be used by all sectors of business. The possible applications are almost limitless." 


Training employees 


Another important part of the rpc range of services for the area of VR, AR and robotics applications is training employees. rpc schedules training units at regular intervals for this, because the applications are constantly being updated. Applications, technology and possible sources of errors are explained, always taking into account how this can be adequately demonstrated to customers as well. 


"There is huge potential in digital technologies. We have to recognize and use it. An awareness of digital changes and a readiness to take this path are essential for this," emphasizes Milotzki.


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