The renaissance of the stationary trade

rpc is currently helping Deutsche Telekom to implement its retail format strategy throughout Germany. The aim is to ensure integrated and comprehensive marketing of Deutsche Telekom’s landline, mobile and entertainment services in retail shops, which are to become true one-stop shops. “Today, shops are becoming outdated faster and faster and need to offer new customer experiences,” says Jan Schemuth, Managing Director of rpc – The Retail Performance Company. To remain up-to-date at all times, new sales formats must be introduced more rapidly and efficiently. “This is the true bottleneck in helping bricks-and-mortar retail to show its true potential in the omnichannel age.”
Digital change presents the retailer with a paradox: on the one hand, stationary trading has been losing market shares to e-commerce for years. At the same time, online players like Amazon invest in the physical business. Shop formats increasingly gain importance as the customer wants to experience the brand more consciously. So established retailers get under pressure. Rapidly changing customer requirements for product presentation and new digital opportunities require continuous investment in emotional retail formats.
The route to efficient shop rejuvenation, with Deutsche Telekom
With this strategy, Deutsche Telekom is clearly committed to bricks-and-mortar retail, which will be strengthened by integrating digital technologies and content. The interplay of physical and digital channels will allow customers to experience the brand at the point of sale. In-store demonstrations of live applications and sales staff trained in new digital technologies will help the shops to set themselves apart from purely online channels.
rpc steers the entire process, from speaking to the retailer to reopening the shop after extensive remodeling. Dr. Natalie Neumann, a retail expert at rpc, sees this comprehensive support as the key to the project’s success. A workflow management platform and clearly structured processes enable the status of all participating retailers to be viewed at the touch of a button, quick and continuous alterations, and individual assistance. “All this has increased efficiency in the roll-out phase by around 20%.”
This comprehensive support for implementation also sets the process apart from the method of introducing new sales strategies and offers that has so far been common on the market. “Up to now, the process has often been controlled by individual departments within the parent company and resources have been limited. This makes implementation complex and slow,” emphasizes Jan Schemuth. The addition of employee training and coaching on the new shop format has improved efficiency gains and successes even further.
To ensure that new sales strategies are implemented swiftly, retailers must be willing to participate, particularly as they must invest themselves. Here, rpc draws on its expertise in virtual sales presentation. Retailers receive a virtual shop presentation with explanations of the shop construction program and the individual modules.
Following a pilot phase last year, around 60 more shops will follow in 2017 for Telekom exclusive partners wishing to expand their successful mobile communications business even further with landline networks, entertainment, Smart Home and Congstar.
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