First HoloLens Pop-Up Store in Europe

Augmented Reality – application in the automotive sector


The heart of the new BMW 760Li xDrive is the V12 engine. Customers can hear and feel it but can follow the technical processes only with difficulty. They also cannot see the composite construction of the chassis with its Carbon Core. The carbon used in this considerably reduces the vehicle’s weight and consumption. “It is more and more frequently the case that customers are paying for features and innovative technologies in their vehicles that they cannot see directly,” explains Christian Feilmeier, Managing Director at rpc - The Retail Performance Company. This is becoming an increasing challenge in vehicle sales. Dealers must convince customers to buy product features that they cannot see and that are difficult to experience first-hand. Augmented reality provides a solution to this.

Making key product features come alive using augmented reality
“Enthusiasm for complex and hard-to-see technical details can be best produced through combining the real and virtual world,” assures Peter Milotzki, a VR and AR expert at rpc.
With his team, he has developed an augmented reality application for the worldwide presentation of the new BMW 7 Series in the BMW pop-up store. With the help of the Microsoft HoloLens, a type of 3D glasses, the visitor discovers the exclusive product features that are partially hidden and receives a variety of additional information.

Outlook on the future of automotive sales
In the future, entire vehicles will be planned using augmented reality glasses and repairs will be supported by remote maintenance. Customers will be able to look at the vehicle configured by the dealer while at home with their family, as it is projected into the living room or in the garage. “In the future, more and more real and virtual presentations will be combined and will offer a variety of new possible applications. At the same time, both will retain their own significance,” says Peter Milotzki with certainty.

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