Virtual test drive during car purchase

In the future, car buyers will take their first test drive right downtown and will design their dream car. Just recently, rpc suggested a virtual vehicle configurator for BMW in China which is targeted to project 40 models and 60 variants from the BMW 1 Series to the BMW 7 Series into the 3D world.


So far this is still just a development of the Chinese market, but interest in Europe is growing. Just in early March, rpc presented the virtual vehicle configurator to BMW top managers from Eastern Europe and was met with great interest. β€žIn China, people are clearly more open for technological innovations and are ready to invest in new solutions such as VR technology more quickly. In markets with strong competition from Asian companies, this can turn into more and more of an obstacle for German and European companies as digitalization and mechanization are progressing,β€œ says Peter Milotzki, expert for virtual and augmented reality at rpc.


Presentation of the virtual vehicle configurator

With the virtual vehicle configurator of rpc, the customer stands or sits in a virtual showroom and wears 3D glasses. He can change the color of the vehicle by moving his hand or look at the car from all angles on a turntable and open the door before going on a virtual test drive. Different vehicle features are explained in detail and can be experienced. During the drive, the customer takes the place of the driver. For example, he can use hand movements to operate the stereo system and experience the different sound technologies through a Bluetooth headset. Navigation and on-board computer can be experienced interactively in the same manner. The LED light technology is explained and its advantages are demonstrated, as well as differences between the models. 

Various technical elements as well as parts of the interior design can be combined flexibly to see how they interact spatially. For the outer design, five colors and eight types of rims are available for selection.  


rpc is an experienced sales expert with significant experience in virtual and augmented reality. In 2016 alone, the company developed more than 16 applications and has implemented virtual training classes, fair exhibits and dealer presences. 


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