Race to catch up in e-commerce

This year, we will be seeing increased online activities by the automotive manufacturers and dealers in the car market, says Christian Feilmeier, Managing Director of rpc. „They have somewhat overlooked the e-commerce business until recently, but are now combining their strengths by better integrating dealers into their portals.” This is an important step to operate the online sales channel more efficiently and, at the same time, guarantee a compelling brand image and a universal customer experience. It also strengthens customer focus and helps to avoid data loss across the complete customer journey.
A huge potential …
While used cars are sold on internet portals almost by default, the situation is very different for new cars. However, within the next three years, it is likely that 20 to 30 percent of all new vehicles will be sold online. In the last year alone, according to the DAT Report 2017, there was a year-on-year increase of five percentage points.
... and a whole lot of work.
In this context, it is a “one-stop-shop” solution, where everything from new and used cars to lifestyle products, replacement parts and accessories, as well as relevant services is offered. This provides dealers with the opportunity to open up additional businesses and to better extend their sales across the entire product life cycle.
But providing a platform alone is not enough. At the core is harmonizing customer-related sales, service and management processes. It is also necessary to coach and train the new e-commerce channels.
For Christian Feilmeier it is clear: Digitalization should not be mistaken for a technical issue. It also requires new ways of thinking and behaving from employees and dealers. This is the only way to provide an up-to-date customer experience across all channels.
rpc supports companies with strategic questions and concepts to strengthen their e-commerce business. In addition, rpc manages and supports the implementation and preparation of employees and partners for the new digital sales opportunities.
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